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Welcome to The Conqueror Adventures

Welcome to The Conqueror Adventures, your portal to extraordinary small group hiking tours that redefine adventure. We’re dedicated to kindling the spirit of exploration, and nurturing your curiosity.

With a passionate team committed to excellence, we craft exceptional hiking experiences that consistently exceed expectations.

Join us to step boldly, discover the world’s beauty, forge authentic connections, and enjoy a hiking getaway with a dedicated local team in all our destinations. The adventure of a lifetime begins here.

Discover Your Next Adventure Destination

At The Conqueror Adventures, we invite you to embark on journeys that lead to some of the world's most breathtaking and culturally rich destinations.

Each place we explore - from the rugged landscapes of New Zealand to the ancient trails of Nepal, the romantic allure of Italy, and the mystical wonders of Peru - is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

Join us as we delve into these remarkable destinations, where adventure knows no bounds.

A land of pristine wilderness, dramatic landscapes, and vibrant Maori culture. Our adventure tours will take you through lush forests, to the peaks of rugged mountains, and along the shores of crystal-clear lakes. Discover the magic of New Zealand with The Conqueror Adventures.

Nepal, the land of the Himalayas and ancient traditions, awaits your exploration. Our hiking journeys in Nepal lead you to majestic peaks, serene monasteries, and welcoming villages. Experience the spiritual and natural wonders of Nepal as you trek through its landscapes.

Peru, a land of ancient mysteries and breathtaking vistas, is a treasure trove of adventure. Our hikes in Peru lead you to iconic sites like Machu Picchu and beyond, immersing you in the rich heritage of the Incas and the beauty of the Andes. Prepare to be enchanted by Peru's wonders.

Italy, a country steeped in history and romance, offers a different kind of adventure. Explore charming villages, vineyard-covered hills, and ancient ruins as you traverse its picturesque trails. Our Italian hiking tours blend culture, cuisine, and captivating landscapes for a truly unique experience.

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Featured Trips

South Island

New Zealand
12 Days
Fully Guided Adventure Tour

North Island

New Zealand
7 Days
Fully Guided Adventure Tour

Everest Base Camp

12 Days
Fully Guided Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

Hear What Our Adventurers Have to Say

I loved this trip! The guides and the pre-trip service made the experience even more memorable. I’m already on getting on the next adventure with them. Excellent all around!!

Tom Kelly

South Island, NZ
November 2023

Honestly, this trip was the most amazing thing I have ever done! After doing this I feel like I can do anything! The scenery was surreal and my brain still has hard time understanding that this really happened. The Conqueror Adventures team and guides made the trip safe and memorable.

Tiina Lehtineva

Oslo, Finland.
Everest Base Camp
April 2023

Oh, my goodness! Where do I start? This is the trip of a lifetime. You will be challenged! You will be entertained! You will laugh! You will take amazing photos! You will have AMAZING legs!;-) Swim off Capri! Be prepared to eat! The fresh seafood! The interesting, unique restaurants! I just have to go back with you guys.

Marva Casadei

Amalfi Coast
June 2023

Phil Boorman

Phil Boorman

Founder, Guide & CEO

Discover Our Story

At The Conqueror Adventures, our journey began with a simple idea: to redefine adventure travel. Our story is one of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As you explore our world of hiking tours, we invite you to get to know the people, values, and aspirations that drive us forward.

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, fostering authentic connections, and crafting exceptional experiences has been at the core of our adventure. Join us as we share our story, and let it inspire your own journey into the extraordinary.

Why Travel With The Conqueror Adventures

When it comes to embarking on extraordinary journeys, you have a choice. So why choose The Conqueror Adventures? Our unwavering commitment to redefining adventure travel sets us apart. We don’t just offer hiking tours; we offer experiences that challenge limits, ignite curiosity, and foster meaningful connections.

Our meticulously crafted adventures are designed to leave a profound and lasting impact, pushing you to step boldly into the uncharted. Discover why adventurers around the world choose to explore with us, and join our global community of explorers, wanderers, and adventure enthusiasts. Your extraordinary journey starts here.


Transport, permits, transfers, awesome places to stay, and everything in between. We’ve covered all the details, so you can simply enjoy.


Meals, experienced guides, cool locally owned accommodation, transport… Once you arrive, there’s no need to dip into your pocket.

Hosts with the Most

Our guiding teams are THE best around. Every Conqueror trip is lead by an experienced guide and leader combo.

The Conqueror Spirit

Step boldly, share your goals and make every mile and moment count. Our trips and destinations are awesome, but it’s our like-minded community who make it unforgettable.

Rest Easy

Locally owned, stylish and comfortable. We’ve carefully chosen accommodations that ensure you get a comfortable nights sleep, great meals and creature comforts.

Pre Trip Care

Getting on the plane isn’t the beginning of your journey with us. From the moment you book, we’ll make sure you’re well prepared for your trip of a lifetime and ready to step boldly.