7 days through diverse and stunningly beautiful landscapes.


Fully guided, all inclusive active adventures of a lifetime.


12 days in the most dramatic mountains on earth.


8 days following the footsteps of the Incas.


8 days in the world’s most beautiful mountains


Fully guided, all inclusive active adventures of a lifetime.

Embark on the trip of a lifetime

Hand-picked,  beautifully crafted active adventures with an experienced, dedicated adventure travel team.

From the stunning coastline of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, to the depths of the Peruviuan Andes and beyond. 

Step Boldly. We’ll Handle The Rest.

Life is busy. So when you decide to join us on an adventure, you’ll sign up knowing that all the details of your trip of a lifetime are taken care of.  All you need to focus on is making every moment count. 


Transport, permits, transfers, awesome places to stay, and everything in between. We’ve covered all the details.

Everything is Included

Meals, experienced guides, cool locally owned accommodation, transport… Once you arrive, there’s no need to dip into your pocket.

Hosts with the Most

Our guiding teams are THE best around. Every Conqueror trip is lead by an experienced guide and leader combo.

It’s All About the Conqueror Spirit

Stepping boldly, sharing your goals and journey along the way, and making every mile and moment count. Our trips and destinations are awesome, but it’s our like-minded community who make it unforgettable.

Rest Easy

Locally owned, stylish and comfortable. We’ve carefully chosen accommodations that ensure you get a comfortable nights sleep, great meals and creature comforts the Conqueror active experience.

Pre Trip Care

Getting on the plane isn’t the beginning of your journey with us. From the moment you book, we’ll make sure you’re well prepared for your trip of a lifetime and ready to step boldly.

Trip reviews from previous guests

This is a once in a lifetime experience. I will remember it forever. I think the team does a fantastic job of organising, encouraging and inspiring you to keep going. I can’t wait to do another trip with Conqueror Adventures. I’ve come out of it inspired, motivated and yearning for more.

Nadine Finley, Australia - March 2023

My trip to the South Island in New Zealand was nothing more than magical. The trip itself was perfection. We stopped at some of the most beautiful areas I have seen in my life! Phil and the Conqueror Adventures were one of the best guides/companies I have ever toured with, and would 100% do it again.

Alec McDaniel, USA - December 2022

I loved my Everest Base Camp trip so much! Having never traveled alone before, it was important for me to be in good knowledgeable hands. It was a well planned experience. Something I will truly never forget. I will be joining Phil and the Conqueror Adventures again in June for the Amalfi Coast trip! Can’t wait!

Jessica Pawlak, USA - October 2022

Keen to hear the views of more of our past guests? We’ll connect you with them directly…

With 2023 in full swing, now is the time to start your plan for the adventure of a lifetime.  Official partner and located at The Conqueror Virtual Challenges HQ in New Zealand, our team will help you plan your trip, end to end, and deliver an unforgettable active journey with memories that will last forever.

Stepping boldy

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“My trip with Phil was so well planned, delivered with ease and had something amazing around every corner. I’ll be back.”

Brian Kennedy

San Francisco, CA