8 Day Inca Trail Hiking Adventure

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8 Days

14 People Max

Level: Moderate

Trip Start: Cuzco

Trip End: Cuzco

Trip Overview

  • LevelModerate
  • Duration8 days
  • RegionPeru
  • ArriveCuzco (via Lima)
  • DepartCuzco
  • Price US$3,199
  • Season March-October

Trip Introduction

Prepare for an extraordinary 8-day journey through the majestic Peruvian Andes and the historic Cuzco region, where mystery, culture, and stunning beauty converge to create an unforgettable experience. Our Inca Trail expedition offers a blend of adventure, discovery, and comfort as you delve into the heart of the Inca Empire.

Embark on a fully guided hiking trip that will awaken all your senses as you explore the ancient wonders of Cuzco, unravel the secrets of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and follow in the footsteps of the ancient Incas to the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu.

Dine and rest in comfort as our experienced team takes care of every detail, ensuring a seamless and enriching journey through this legendary land. Join us on this remarkable adventure, where every moment is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Inca civilization and the breathtaking beauty of the Peruvian Andes.

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Trip Highlights

Trip Itinerary

Dive into the heart of the Inca civilization with our meticulously crafted 8-day itinerary.

From the ancient streets of Cuzco to the awe-inspiring heights of Machu Picchu, each day unfolds a new chapter in this Andean odyssey. Traverse the Sacred Valley, conquer the challenging Inca Trail, and stand in awe before the grandeur of Machu Picchu.

This is not merely a trek; it’s a cultural immersion and a journey through history. Join us as we retrace the steps of the ancient Inca Empire, creating memories etched in the stone of these legendary landscapes.

Arrive Cuzco

Our trip starts in Cuzco. We’ll meet you at the airport and head to our accommodation. After lunch, we’ll set off for a walk around this amazing ancient city.

Cuzco was the political and religious capital of the vast Inca empire of the Incas in South America. Over five hundred years after the city was taken over by the Spanish conquistadors, Cuzco’s Incan architecture is still gloriously intact. After lunch, we’ll set off for a walk around the city, and up to Sacsayhuamán fortress overlooking the main Plaza and Cuzco Valley. As part of our walk, we’ll explore the colorful Cuzco street markets.

If you prefer, you can take some time to sit back and relax in Cuzco’s lively town square and meet up again later for an evening meal.

Hotel Rumi Punku
Lunch, Dinner

Explore Sacred Valley

This morning we’ll head out of the Cuzco Valley and head into the Sacred Valley of The Incas. Our first stop is the ruins of Pisac where we’ll explore the amazing works of stone art and impressive agricultural terraces.

Later, we’ll head to the market of Pisaq, which is a bustling handicraft market. This market is the real deal and easy to get lost in. Find a few treasures and step back in time!

Later we’ll meet for lunch among the hustle and bustle. After lunch, we’ll drive along the Urubamba River towards the town of Ollantaytambo to visit the ruins – an important area of Incan construction, built during the peak of the Inca Empire. This is an extraordinary Inca site because you can find rock formations representing the Inca god, Wiracocha.

Hotel Rumi Punku
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Hike the Inca Trail

After an early start we’ll head through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and make a stop at the starting point of the trek, known as Pisacucho, or Kilometre 82. We’ll hike alongside the Cusicacha River and arrive at our first Inca site – Patallacta, an ancient Inca checkpoint. We’ll hike on for another couple of hours before stopping for lunch, surrounded by huge Andean Peaks.

After lunch, we’ll continue on, passing through local villages en route to our camp for the evening – Ayapata. When you arrive, our porters will greet you with a hot drink and a snack, so you can kick back, relax, and take in the surroundings with your fellow Conqueror Adventurers before this evening's meal.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance: 8.7 miles/14 km / 6-7 hours
Campsite Altitude: 3300 meters (high) above sea level

Hike the Inca Trail

We’ll meet you at your tent this morning with a cup of hot coca tea or coffee, before a hearty, healthy breakfast. Our first major destination for the day is Warmiwañusqa (Dead Womans Pass) at 4215 metres. The hike up to the pass is challenging, as the trail winds its way up a stunning mountain valley. There’s plenty to take in! Upon reaching the Pass, we’ll take some time to take in the views and enjoy a well-deserved rest before heading down the other side of the Pass and into the Pacaymayu Valley for lunch.

After lunch, it’s time to ascend the second pass to the Inca site of Runcu Raccay. The fascinating ruins, surrounding peaks, waterfalls, and valleys below are an assault to the senses. A short descent further down the valley, brings us to our stop for the night, Cahquicocha.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
10 miles/16 km / 6-7 hours
Campsite Altitude: 3,600 meters

Hike the Inca Trail

With mind blowing scenery every day of this trek being the norm, today takes it a step further – from mountain passes to cloud forest and awe-inspiring Inca ruins. Starting off, we’ll get views of Salkantay (the second highest peak of the Sacred Valley), and panoramic views of the Vilcabamba mountain range. We’ll then descend into cloud forest and feel the air become denser and warmer.

A long descent down an Inca stairway brings us to our final Inca Trail camp and the site of the most spectacular Inca Ruin site – Wiñay Wayna. We’ll arrive in time for lunch and take some time to explore the immense terraced Inca site with our guides.

We’ll have plenty of time to relax, take in the surroundings, and soak up the warmer air this afternoon. The start tomorrow is an early one!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
6.2 miles/10 km / 5 hours
Campsite Altitude: 2600 metres

Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu!

It’s a super early start this morning, but it’s the day we explore Machu Picchu, so we’ll have no trouble getting up and downing an early breakfast before heading out to hike to Inti Punku, or the “Sun Gate”. This is where we’ll have our first look at the site we’ve seen in so many photos and videos. They have nothing on the real thing though, so we’ll take time to soak it in, before hiking down to the ruins and exploring its many pathways and structures with our guide.

Later, we’ll board a train from Machu Picchu Village down in the valley below the site, and head back through the Andes en route to Cuzco – a good opportunity to rest up after an incredible few days in the mountains.

Hotel Rumi Punku
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance: 4.5 miles/7.3 km / 1.5 hours

Free Day in Cuzco

Today is yours to rest up (or not) and explore Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire. There’s no better place in the world to spend a day soaking in sights, sounds and aromas. Bustling markets, tight alleyways bordered by original Inca stonework, incredible cafes and restaurants – you name it, it’s here.

If you prefer to stay active today, there are a number of optional activities on offer – from whitewater rafting to mountain biking and more hiking. Just ask us and we’ll arrange it for you!

There is also an option to take a day visit to Rainbow Mountain – check out the description of this area below.

Hotel Rumi Punku

Day 7 Rainbow Mountain Option

If you’re after more hiking today, there is an option to hike the world-famous “Rainbow Mountain”, also known as Vinicunca, which translates to “colored mountain”. This mountain is famed for its natural, multi-colored beauty at a staggering 5,200m above sea level. The rainbow-like appearance is created by the sediment of minerals throughout the area giving the mountain turquoise, lavender, gold, and other colors.

This has become one of the most iconic sites in all of South America and the 2-hour hike in, is stunning too! Get in touch with us for more information.

Hotel Rumi Punku
Breakfast, Lunch


Today is the last day of your Conqueror Adventures hike to Machu Picchu and exploration into the Peruvian Andes. Our aim is to create incredible moments that count with like minded people, and build lifelong friendships through physical activity and shared experiences in some of the worlds most beautiful places.

We’ll drop you at the airport in time for your flight to Lima and onward flight home.


The Details

What's Included

  • All meals as per itinerary
  • All transport and shuttles
  • Guiding and hosting
  • All park entrance fees, including the Inca Trail permit
  • Machu Picchu Entrance fee
  • All accommodation
  • All drinking water while hiking the Inca Trail
  • Inflatable sleeping mattress for the Inca Trail
  • Luggage portage on the Inca Trail

What's Not Included

  • International and domestic flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal hiking gear
  • Sleeping bags are available to rent
  • Luggage
  • Personal snacks
  • Alcoholic beverages


We understand the importance of a good night's rest in a comfortable place. This is why we have carefully chosen lodgings that understand the importance of a place to unwind, sleep well, and have the creature comforts of home.

A NOTE ON INCA TRAIL CAMPING: We roll out the red carpet on the Inca trail. You’ll sleep in a roomy comfortable tent, with a soft air mattress, have all your meals (we have a dining tent) and hot drinks/drinking water provided, and your main luggage is carried by our porters.


Arriving in Cuzco is relatively simple. The international gateway is Lima (Peru’s capital), and there are numerous domestic flights to Cuzco throughout the day. Our trip starts in Cuzco where you will be met at Cuzco airport by a Conqueror Adventures representative.

Departure Dates

Looking for the perfect trip? See our trip dates below. If you can’t find the perfect travel date, get in touch with our team today and we may be able to customize a trip date for you.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Visas are currently not required for Australian, New Zealand, US, Canadian or UK/EU passport holders wishing to visit Peru. If you are outside these regions, please check with your embassy. You can also check the Visa HQ website for up todate information.


Water from the tap is not safe to drink in Peru. Our hotel(s) provide a couple of bottles of water each day, and bottled water is available to purchase at an inexpensive price.

On the Inca Trail, we provide safe drinking water by boiling and purifying our water and we will provide you with enough drinking water throughout the day and for the evenings.


In March/April and May, you can expect high temperatures to be from 19 degrees celcius through to 22 degrees celcius. In September and October you can expect them to range from 20 to 23.

In March/April you can expect 7 days of rain per month and in May, around 1 day per month. In September and October you can expect around 3 and 7 respectively.

Please note – we avoid running trips from late June to July as this an extremely busy time and we prefer to avoid the crowds! Also – March, April, May and June is spring time with greenery everywhere and September/October is very calm with little wind.


Yes. Laundry is available in Cusco. There isn’t a chance to do laundry on the Inca trail itself.


Our maximum group size for this trip is 14 people.


Cusco is situated at 3399 metres above sea level, and the highest point of the Inca Trail is at 4215 metres. That’s pretty high! But as long as you are in reasonable shape and take it easy, then we have found that people do just fine. We make sure we ease into things the first couple of days so that by the time you’ll start the trail, you are prepared!


This is a moderate hiking trip which is suitable for those who have some experience with hiking and a good general physical condition. The Inca trail is a well maintained trail which isn’t technical but there are some big ascents and descents! Average walking times: approx. 6 hours each day.

IMPORTANT! There are some long inclines so if you are at all unsteady on your feet we highly recommend you also bring a retractable walking pole(s). Comfortable walking/hiking shoes are essential, along with a small day-pack and water bottle.


Wifi is available and free of charge at all our accommodations. While on the Inca Trail, there is no access to wifi until you arrive in Machu Picchu.


No. We have a team of porters who will carry the things you need for the duration of the Inca Trail. When you arrive into a campsite, you’ll find your belongings in one of our duffel bags in your tent! All your other belongings are kept safe and secure in our hotel in Cusco.


The rooming on the trip is based on twin and double share. This also applies to tent sharing on the Inca Trail. If you would like a single room or tent to yourself, there is a single supplement of US$600


No! Many other travel companies put this on single travelers, but we think this is unfair. If you specifically request your own room and tent, then there is a single supplemnent. Otherwise we’ll allocate you with a fellow traveller of the same gender to share a room.


When you book your flights, you should fly into Lima and then on to Cusco, and then depart from Cusco to Lima and onwards to your home desintation. If you need assitance with flights, let us know!

Interactive Trip Map

Hear What Our Adventurers Have to Say

The Conqueror Adventures put together a trip of a lifetime. Every detail was well planned, from the airport pickup to the accommodations to the food we ate every day. It was such a memorable experience because of the knowledge of the trip leader and local guide. These two radiated such a positive energy that it helped elevate the confidence of us hikers. Everyone was able to complete the hike together with a sense of awe and accomplishment, and a newfound travel family that we created memories with. I would definitely recommend this trip!!

Aurelia Lambert

Inca Trail Adventure
September 2023

From the first moment of the trip there was never a dull moment. When it wasn’t fun, it was awe inspiring, or it was fascinating, or intriguing. Thanks Zac for an outstanding trip with all the good stuff thrown on top.

Graham Johnson

United Kingdom.
Inca Trail Adventure
September 2023

I had an incredible experience in Peru! I was so looked after the whole trip and Zac is THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

Pamela Olsen

Inca Trail Adventure
August 2023

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At The Conqueror Adventures, our journey is led by the passionate and experienced individuals who have an unwavering love for the great outdoors. These are the adventurers who guide you through rugged landscapes, lead you to hidden gems, and share their profound knowledge of the destinations we explore.

In this section, we invite you to meet our guides, the heartbeat of our hiking tours. These individuals are more than just experts; they are passionate storytellers, nature enthusiasts, and cultural interpreters. They bring the landscapes to life, adding a layer of depth to your adventure that can’t be found in guidebooks.

Their stories, insights, and profound love for the destinations they explore are integral to the exceptional experiences we provide. Get to know the adventurers who will be your companions on the trail, leading you through extraordinary journeys filled with discovery, camaraderie, and the joy of exploration.

Phil Boorman

Phil Boorman

Founder, Guide & CEO

Phil Boorman

Founder and boss, Phil is at his best when he’s leading a group. He has spent his entire working life, leading and designing adventures in almost every continent in the world. It’s just in his blood and he’ll never give it up. You’ll still find Phil leading trips in Italy, Nepal, and New Zealand which is his home. Phil loves whitewater kayaking, backcountry skiing and mountain biking in his free time.

“I’ve done a tonne of guided trips in my time, and traveling with Phil was by far, THE best and most fulfilling experience I’ve had – he was genuine, attentive and clearly loves what he does.”

Ed Stone, USA – June 2016

Zacarias Ugarte

Zacarias Ugarte


Zacarias Ugarte

Born and raised in Cusco, Zac has lived, breathed, and guided adventures in the Peruvian Andes his entire working life.

Zac comes from a family of Peruvian adventure pioneers. His father was one of Peru’s first kayak guides, and Zac has continued the family tradition. He lives with his wife and 5 children in Cusco.

“Zac was such a great Trip Leader – I am so glad we had him! He was very personable and always ensured everyone in the group was safe and doing well. It was really great to get to know Zac over the course of the trip. I really appreciated how knowledgeable Zac was of the history of Peru, our surroundings and the Incas.”

Alain V Canada, October 2022

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