Amalfi Coast Adventure

25 years of experience in Italy and the Amalfi Coast, and creating lifetime memories for thousands of travelers.

Why The Conqueror Adventures?

There’s a tonne of choice when it comes choosing an Amalfi Coast adventure. We’ve spend the last 25 years refining, building a team, learning from our partners and especially our clients, and delivering amazing experiences for thousands of people. Here’s why our Italian experience has led to so many people coming back for more.

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Hotel in Cusco

Comfortable Accommodation

Stylish, locally owned and a home away from home

Our style is stay in well located, locally owned cosy accommodation. 

You’ll enjoy comfortable rooms, lovely buffet breakfasts, relaxing atmosphere and always be close to a town centre or place of interest – just so you;re always close to the action.

Positano, Italy

Everything Is Included

No Nickle and Diming

From the moment you get off the plane in Naples to start your Amalfi Coast adventure, we’ll include everything – fantastic meals, first class guides, comfortable hotels, transfers, transport, trail permits and few extras thrown in to surprise you on the first day of the trip.

Phil Trip leader

1000’s Of Happy People

25 Years Of Getting It Right

 Since 1997, we’ve lead literally thousands of people in Italy and other destinations we’re passionate about. We learned early on, that it’s not simply where you go,  it’s how we share the experience. We do it with good old Kiwi ”read the room” ingenuity, and by being super honest about every aspect of your experience with us.

That’s all resulted in over 4300 people experiencing adventure travel with us since the late 90s when Phil led his first trips.

If you’d like to speak with any of them, we’re happy to put you in touch our past travelers! Check a small handful of happy people from the last few months in the video below…


Involved and Dedicated Leadership

Founder, Guide & CEO

This is CEO and founder, Phil Boorman. In 1998, he began as a guide in the Peruvian Andes, leading adventures on the Inca Trail and then to Italy and other parts of Europe. His absolute favourite part of the world is Italy and the Amalfi Coast, which is why he always insists on continuing to get out ”on the road” and guiding groups.

”The whole reason I started guiding and building my own adventure travel company so many years ago, is so I can keep doing what I love, and keep going back to places like the Amalfi Coast. I still get as much out of seeing our clients faces light up, as they do when they see it for the first time”.

Adam El Agez

THE Best Guides

LOCAL, experienced and passionate

 When you join your Amalfi Coast adventure, you’ll likely have Enrico as your guide. Enrico has worked lived and breathed adventure travel his entire life. Starting out as a raft guide in the Alps, Enrico adapted his skills to sea kayak guiding and hiking tours all over Europe. Enrico also takes care of ensuring our Italian trips roll out smoothly.



Attention to Detail and Customer Service

We’re a small company, and we like it that way. When you book your Amalfi Coast trip with The Conqueror Adventures, we go the extra mile to make sure you’re all set to go before you get on the plane.

We host online meet and greets with your trip leader and fellow poarticipants (pictured here – Phil with some keen travelers in June 2022), regular check ins to see how you’re going with flights and gear, an up to date gear list, and 7 days a week answers to your questiuon by email or phone.

Download our Full 8-Day Amalfi Coast itinerary PDF

Where It All Began

Shaping experiences in incredible places is all we’ve ever known and wanted to do. Check out how it all started and where it has led to…

1991 – The first adventures take place at the age of 17. Phil embarks on a year long surf trip to Coast Rica and Central America. It opened the door to many adventures to come.

1997-2001 After a few years of tertiary study and working as bike messenger, Phil returns to Central and South America to guide overland expeditions to the remotest corners of the continent.

2002 It was time for Earth Sea Sky Travel to be born. Phil goes out on his own, designing hiking, biking and paddling adventures in South America, starting in Peru.

2003-2009 The operation expands into Ecaudor, the Galapagos Islands, Chile, Argentina. The focus remains the same – showcase the most spectacular parts of South America and ensure folks go home having experiended the best active vacation of their lives.

2010 The Himalayas were calling, so operations expanded into Nepal with treks to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Sanctuary.

2012 Side projects for Earth Sea Sky Travel included designing customer experiences for some of New Zealand’s leading tourism entities, including zipline operations and hiking tour companies in New Zealand’s North Island.

2015 The time was right to operate active trips in Europe, with adventures rolled out in Italy, France and Switzerland.

2017 With mountain biking becoming a new obsession, New Zealand Mountain Biking was launched, running multi-day riding adventures for riding enthusiats from all around the world.

2019-2021 A return to Italy to design ski and hiking adventures, took a sudden hit with COVID 19, forcing a return to New Zealand and the formation of the now new partnership with the Conqueror. A new chapter begins!

magic moments. make them count.