7 Reasons Why Amalfi Coast is The Ultimate Destination

When it comes to choosing a trip to Italy, there’s a LOT to choose from. But when it comes to the perfect mix of adventure, fantastic hiking, treating yourself to some creature comforts, incredible cuisine and charming towns – the Amalfi Coast is hard to beat. And we haven’t even gone into just how insanely beautiful it is.

Naples Allyway

Naples – The ULTIMATE city to explore

No trip to the Amalfi Coast should start without checking out Naples first. Italy’s third largest city is a masterpiece in many ways. It reveals itself in the most unlikely places – tight alleyways with classic eateries, some of the worlds most impressive archaeological treasures, and stunning frescoes – all amidst a hustle and bustle generated by hospitable Napoletanos going about their business. It’s a proper look at life in Italy, as well as a chance to experience some of Italy’s best cuisine.

Path of The Gods Amalfi Coast

Classic Hiking With Spectacular Views

With turquoise seas, cinematic piazzas and mountains plunging straight into the ocean, the Amalfi Coast simply can’t get any more perfect when it comes to hiking mixed with creature comforts. Hike the world famous Sentiero degli Dei (Pathway of the Gods) hike to Positano. Forests, fields of wildflowers, ancient stone huts and sheer walls of granite greet you around every bend. Finish it off with a swim in the warm Mediterranean and repeat it all the next day. Perfetto!


Deluxe Sea Side Villages

When it comes to picturesque villages anywhere in the world, the Amalfi Coast is home to the best. Positano is the prime example and tops the list. Dramatic, deluxe and perfectly placed amidst towering cliffs and the sea, Positano exceeds your expectations when you see it for the first time in real life – and every other time you see if you’re lucky enough to go back. It’s the sort of place where wandering it’s steep streets aimlessly is kinda the whole point of being there. Let time be irrelevant, eat Gelato and enjoy the Dolce Vita Positano style.

Capri Island

Picture Perfect Islands

Capri Island is the perfect microcosm of all the things we love and are iconic when it comes to the Mediterranean – rugged and beautiful sea-scapes, cool piazzas, street side cafes and of-course, super yachts just offshore.

While the last point is in jest, there’s nothing really that seems out of place on Capri Island. It’s seriously that beautiful. Hike, swim, imbibe and repeat – all in utterly perfect surroundings.

Amalfi Coast Food

THE Best Food – Anywhere In The World

With Italy’s culinary capital of Naples just up the road, it’s easy to see how it’s influence has made the Amalfi Coast just as famous for its food, as it is for it’s spectacular coastline. From the Mozzarella di Bufala unique to this area and Pizza Napolitana to the Pasta Al Limone – there’s a dish that you’ll never forget.

Capri Island Amalfi Coast

It’s Always Warm

Perfectly located on the southern western Italy, it’s generally warm all year round on the Amalfi Coast. Either side of July and August has arguably THE perfect temperatures while areas North of there become chilly. May, June, September and October sit in the mid 20’s (celcius)/mid 70s (Fahrenheit). July and August – It’s HOT and frankly too busy!

Amalfi Coast Street

Guilt Free Indulgence

Hey, you’re in Italy, and the Amalfi Coast. What better place to drink that sunset Aperol Spritz, enjoy that boat ride to Capri Island or try that extra piece of Tiramisu. If there’s any country in the world that understands the importance of indulging in lifes little pleasures, then it’s this part of the world. It won’t take you long before you’ll slip into a routine of “walk, relax, walk, then relax again”.

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